Shot of a man wearing a medical mask using a computer while working in a pharmacy

Shot of a man wearing a medical mask using a computer while working in a pharmacy2 Ways to Relieve Pharmacy Workload Stress During COVID-19

Earlier this month, we wrote about how pharmacists’ roles are expanding during the global pandemic. Not only do they have their normal, daily responsibilities such as filling prescriptions and counseling patients, but some pharmacies are beginning to test for COVID-19.  

The volume of patients coming in and out of the pharmacy has increasedIn an interview with NPR, Twila Boyd, a pharmacist in Ohio said, “On Monday, we saw a 50% spike in our pharmacy volume. And it’s continued the rest of this week – people trying to get their medications early or trying to get multiple months filled of their medications.” Pharmacists are being overwhelmed with the current workload. 

It’s in times like these that pharmacy (or healthcare in general) needs to lean on technology to alleviate the excess workload. For example, there are a few features in our pharmacy management system, Enterprise Pharmacy System™ (EPS™) that can help relieve some of the stress that comes with running a pharmacy. 

Alternate Sites 

Alternate sites, or workload balancing, allow your pharmacists to easily perform tasks across multiple locations. With higher workload in some locations due to the pandemic, pharmacists are able to ease the efforts of those sites by sharing tasks with lower volume stores.  

Some tasks that can be done are: 

  • Order entry 
  • Data entry 
  • Call tasks  
  • Data verification 
  • And more! 

Remote Pharmacist 

As workload increases and social distancing rules remain intact, there may be times when a licensed pharmacist cannot physically be in the pharmacy.  

With the Remote Pharmacist feature in EPS, pharmacists can practice social distancing and continue to care for patients at a safe distance. The remote pharmacist functionality allows your pharmacists to perform their daily tasks like patient counseling and product verification from any location.  

This service allows you to:  

  • Provide better service, patient care, and ensure medication adherence for patients in remote locations that do not have a full-time in-store pharmacist.    
  • Enable a single pharmacist to perform tasks for multiple stores in your chain   

We realize this functionality can be a game-changer for pharmacies, so we are making Remote Pharmacist available to all EPS customers at no cost during the COVID-19 crisis. Be sure to check your state regulations regarding this type of functionality.  

Learn more about Alternate Sites. 

Learn more about Remote Pharmacist 

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