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3 Ways to Grow Your Immunization Business

Not only are pharmacists receiving training to administer immunizations, but more patients than ever before are choosing to get their vaccinations from pharmacies. So how do you get patients to come to your pharmacy over the competition? Here are three tips to grow your immunization business:


Instead of waiting for business to come to you, go to them! Try seeking out business by letting organizations near you, such as assisted living center or local employers, know what immunization services you offer.

Utilize social media! Social media is an easy (and free) way to market to your customers and patients. Create engaging content using design tools like Canva (also easy to use and free).

Here’s an example:

Social media graphic saying, "It's not too late to get your flu shot!"


Maximize your patient-base

You can increase the amount of immunizations you’re performing by looking for opportunities among existing patients already enrolled in other programs. In an example from Drug Topics, “If a patient is identified who may need a vaccine, the pharmacy then is able to deliver the vaccine when the customer is already planning to come into the store to pick up their medications.”

Establishing efficient workflow

Be sure to be effective and make the most out of every patient visit. For example, when a pharmacist is with a patient, he or she can review the patient’s immunization history to recommend other immunizations they may be candidates for.

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