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4 Ways Continuous Development Can Improve Your Pharmacy Business Operations

By this time, you’ve probably heard of Agile methodology, which allows developers to work in incremental sequences or “sprints”. But, have you heard of Continuous Development?

What is Continuous Development?

Continuous development is a software development methodology that is focused on delivering continuous updates rather than only pushing out a large release once a year. It has its roots in the traditional agile framework, but focuses on releasing solutions in less time, thus shortening the development cycle. Companies that adopt this methodology find success internally and externally.

Benefits of Continuous Development

Faster fixes.

With shorter iterations of code releases, it is easier and quicker to find bugs and resolve them.

New functionality is delivered on a regular basis.

Development teams are able to act on customer feedback and industry changes promptly, allowing for quick turnaround with enhancement requests.

Improved quality.

This is a no brainer…with shorter iterations and continuous delivery, customers can expect to always have the highest quality code available.

Proactive culture. 

Companies who utilize this development methodology are more likely to partake in proactive thinking, as it is an inherent characteristic of continuous development.

So, what does this mean for pharmacy?

In the always-changing pharmacy landscape, technology must be flexible to provide pharmacy staff with the tools they need. For instance, in times of problematic DIR fees and the continued push towards pharmacist provider status, technology solutions that are proactive and continuously updated ensure that pharmacists have the capability to advance their business while delivering better patient care.

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