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5 Pharmacy Podcasts You Should Be Listening To 

Podcasts have been around since the start of smart phones, but it seems like they are just now gaining popularity. From crime, to motivational, to entertainment, and more, podcasts are a FREE and easy way to learn new information by just the click of a button. But what about pharmacists? Are there any podcasts that can keep us updated on industry news and learn from others? Short answer, yes.  


Here are 5 Podcasts for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Businesses: 


1. The Elective Rotation by Pharmacy Joe 

From drug information to drug uses, this podcast is great for anyone in the pharmacy industry at any level. Pharmacy Joe is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist and delivers unbiased critical care and hospital pharmacy content. Episodes are less than 10 minutes and recorded twice a week.  


2. The People’s Pharmacy by Joe and Terry Graedon 

This podcast is geared more towards patients, but is just as important for pharmacists! As they talk about their research on drug information and other health related topics, listeners write to them about their experiences and some get shared on the podcasts. This is useful information for pharmacists, as it is a sneak peak into the patient’s mind. Episodes run a little longer – about an hour and are posted once a week.  


3. Pharmacy Podcast Network™ by Todd S. Eury and others 

In 2009, the Pharmacy Podcast Show was launched, and covered topics pharmacy related. As of 2016, it changed to the Pharmacy Podcast Network™ and includes over 25 co-hosts. Some things you’ll find in this podcast are interviews and chats with industry leaders and topics vary from specialty pharmacy, to retail, long-term care and more. Episodes are less than an hour long and are posted multiple times a week.  


4. Rx Radio: Pharmacy’s Podcast by Richard Waithe, PharmD 

This podcast brings fresh perspectives to pharmacy-related issues through interviews and chats with industry leaders from all over pharmacy landscape. From inspirational stories of becoming a pharmacist to an overview and their take on industry news, this podcast is perfect for pharmacy students to retired pharmacists, and everyone in between! Episodes range from 20 minutes to over an hour and are posted a few times a month.  


5. Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews by Tony Guerra 

This podcast brings in pharmacy leaders to talk about their journey to becoming successful in the pharmacy industry. Listeners get to enjoy advice on networking and building their brand – all geared towards pharmacists. This podcast is perfect for pharmacy students or any pharmacist looking to expand their network. Episodes are less than an hour and posted multiple times a month.  

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