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5 Ways Pharmacists Can Use Social Media to Connect with Patients

In an era where 7 in 10 Americans use social media to interact and share information with others, it’s no wonder why pharmacies are seeing the value of incorporating this powerful tool into their own businesses. Through social media, pharmacists are able to connect with their patients, put a face to their pharmacy, educate on the importance of medication adherence, and more.

A survey taken in 2017 showed that half of the people polled currently follow their pharmacists on social media and 42% would prefer that their pharmacists were more active on social media.

Here are 5 ways pharmacists can use social media to boost their business.

  1. Educate patients

It can sometimes be forgotten that pharmacists are health experts, too. Educating patients is vital when promoting medication adherence. Posting infographics or short videos are just a couple of ways to get the information out there. For example, “How to treat eczema at home” would be valuable to post during the colder, drier seasons.

  1. Inform patients of industry changes

Through social media, you can provide your followers with information that they might not know they need. For example, the patient could be scrolling through their Facebook feed and see that your pharmacy posted about a new generic of a prescription they are currently taking, therefore having the potential to save some cash. They will thank you later!

  1. Remind patients of vaccinations

Everyone needs a little reminder (especially during flu season!) to get their vaccinations. Remind your followers that you are able to administer certain vaccinations and that they don’t have to make a visit to the doctor. This will for sure save your patients time and money and they will be forever grateful.

  1. Inform patients of sales or deals in the pharmacy

Who doesn’t like a good sale? Let your followers know what sales and deals are happening in your pharmacy through tweets, Instagram posts, or Facebook posts!

  1. Let your patients get to know you and your staff!

Building trust between you and your patients is extremely important when your goal is to improve their health. Not everyone has time to sit and chat when they are picking up their prescriptions. Let your patients get to know you and your staff by posting “behind the scenes” at the pharmacy or even a simple (but still appreciated) selfie!

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