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A Note from our CIO, Louis Martinez

I’ve read a quote that “every company is a technology company, even if they don’t realize it”.  It’s hard to find a business model that doesn’t have some dependency on technology.  Surely there are exceptions, however I embrace the use of technology to effectively run our business.

Technology Can Change the Workforce

What is most exciting to see is how the workforce continues to change as a result of the sheer number of tools available to help improve our business and improve our customer experience. The workforce is hooked. They love the great tools, gadgets, and even operational frameworks that we provide to them with the only expectation being to use the toolkit for a great customer outcome.

PDX, our Team, and our Technology

Our business is deeply rooted in the practice of pharmacy. We enable pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to make the best decisions for the best outcomes for their patients, and with the highest degree of accuracy. It’s not an easy business to be in at all, but our team seems to thrive on helping to be part of the solution to the healthcare crisis.

PDX is full throttle in doing its part to make quality healthcare available to everyone at a reasonable cost and a positive outcome. Through technology, we are enabling our customers and partners to deliver the highest value experience to patients across the United States. We find ourselves in the great position of having an incredible customer base, highly focused on patient care and outcomes; we stake our collective reputations on it. We provide full-blown pharmacy management solutions as well as application programming interfaces to just about every technology that plays a role in running a great pharmacy and patient experience. Our customer base utilizes technology and innovation to provide the best care possible to their patients.

PDX is not a pharmacy company. PDX is a technology company with expertise in the pharmacy practice.  Every day we challenge our teams to use their technical and creative skills, their knowledge of pharmacy, their connections within the industry, and the support of our founder’s vision to deliver the ability to provide the best care for a patient in a pharmacy. Today, we support our customer base as we collectively try to stay ahead of regulation after regulation, not meant to hinder patient care, but seemingly taking some focus off good outcomes. We remain focused on our mission and, despite being in business for over 30 years, we understand that the technologies being made available to us will help us to continue to provide the best solutions for our customers while we continue to work hard to influence a change in our industry—a change that simplifies the ability to provide great care to patients while reducing the challenges presented to pharmacy practitioners. We believe we can achieve a better experience through thinking differently and applying our technical expertise to these better ideas. The road ahead is a long one, but PDX is already heading down that road.


Guest Contributor: Louis Martinez, Chief Information Officer

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