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A female pharmacist is serious as she sits at her desk while talking on the phone, typing on the computer and using a pill counter. She is holding the phone with her cheek and looking down at the pill counter with an overwhelmed expression.

A Solution for Pharmacists’ Stress in the Pharmacy

It may be no surprise to you that working in the pharmacy can be extremely stressful. So stressful that even people not in the pharmacy industry are starting to take notice. In January, The New York Times published an article about the hectic work environments at chain pharmacies and how it leads to pharmacists’ errors with consequences such as death. They wrote, “[Pharmacists] struggle to fill prescriptions, give flu shots, tend the drive-through, answer phones, work the register, counsel patients and call doctors and insurance companies, they said — all the while racing to meet corporate performance metrics that they characterized as unreasonable and unsafe in an industry squeezed to do more with less.”

An article published by Drug Topics voiced the same concerns from pharmacists. A pharmacist was quoted saying, “A lot of stressful situations fall on the shoulders of retail pharmacists, such as the hours pharmacists put in, the lack of opportunity to take bathroom breaks, angry customers, paperwork, deadlines, unpredictable prescription flow, insufficient amount of help like techs and cashiers, poor working locations that lack natural light, and many more.”

What can pharmacists do to relieve some of the stress?

Aside from personal stress relievers like exercise and meditation, Drug Topics wrote that some pharmacists joined pharmacist-only Facebook groups where they can share stories, provide and receive support, and sometimes just vent to each other.

But what about relieving stress in the pharmacy?

With the right tools and solutions, chaotic workflows can become organized and efficient.

DIR fees have been a hot topic of discussion and aren’t going away quite yet. Having a revenue cycle management solution, like AbsoluteAR, that can track and report the DIR fees for you will be extremely helpful when trying to juggle all the other daily responsibilities in the pharmacy. Not only can AbsoluteAR track and report DIR fees, but it can also chase claims, provide contract management, and more.

If immunizations are the cause of your pharmacies’ stress, having a clinical services tool, like Care Rx, that can reach patients for specialized, targeted care by utilizing real-time data and enrolling them in an immunization program takes care of the heavy lifting for you. Pharmacists can focus on face-to-face interactions with patients and still meet immunization goals.

What about weekly or daily responsibilities like inventory? Having an automated inventory management tool, like Turn Rx, can make inventory management a breeze. Turn Rx can access thousands of data points across your pharmacy business, at a store and corporate level therefore allowing you more time to focus on the patient and promote positive outcomes.

This is just scratching the surface of what technology can do to assist in the pharmacy. To learn more about PDX’s product suite, visit our products page or contact us here.

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