picture of Jarrod Johnston, Vice President of IT for PDX

Jarrod Johnston

Vice President of IT

As Vice President of IT, Jarrod’s responsibilities include the technology infrastructure supporting PDX along with maintaining the highly regarded performance for the pharmacy services which are delivered to our customers nationwide.

Prior to his role as Vice President, Jarrod oversaw the design and implementation of the enhanced PDX Central Services platform, a multi-year complex and delicate project requiring strong leadership skills. Before being recruited by PDX, Jarrod was president of a successful IT consulting company in Minneapolis, MN, driving strong business growth.

On weekends Jarrod enjoys time with his wife and three active children. He enjoys soccer, golf and running marathons. He is active in his church by providing personal financial advice to those in need and leading several classes per year.

Jarrod earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University in Irving, Texas.