Central Fill photo for blog - pharmaceutical factory worker at pharmacy industry manufacture

Central Fill photo for blog - pharmaceutical factory worker at pharmacy industry manufacture

Benefits of Utilizing a Central Fill Facility

Pharmacists’ roles have been evolving over the years, especially recently with the pandemic. Pharmacy employees have been pulled in many directions – pharmacists’ becoming a source of information and answering questions, and even pharmacy technicians needing to help stock grocery inventory due to demand and being short staffed. While pharmacists and techs are being pulled elsewhere, their everyday responsibilities in the pharmacy are still expected to be done.

This is where Central Fill comes in. Having central fill operations will make your pharmacy run more efficiently. How? Central fill facilities use robotics to count, fill, and dispense medications automatically. Here are some benefits:

Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

Instead of manually filling and dispensing drugs at multiple sites, you can use a central facility to fill your scripts and then have it delivered to the store or patient. In addition, the use of automation and robotics to fill prescriptions improves accuracy.

Lower Inventory Costs

Central fill can lower inventory costs. Central fill facilities leverage automation and robotics which provides a hub and spoke model, reducing overall costs per fill. This happens because the vendor owns the inventory and maintains the medication at a central location and doesn’t charge until the medications are dispensed.

Focus on Patients

The goal with operating a central fill facility is to take some of the workload out of the store so that pharmacists have more opportunities to work at the top of their license performing clinical activities such as delivering immunizations and counselling patients.

How PDX can help

Our pharmacy management software, EPS, can be used in central fill facilities and we integrate to all major robotics companies. Giant Eagle’s Jim Tsipakis, Senior VP of Pharmacy, says, “Our PDX software is a key element to our success. Something we count on each day. Our store pharmacies run efficiently because of the software and our central fill facility fills nearly 30,000 prescriptions each day using distinct PDX software that automatically interfaces with our stores and our central fill facility to manage data and inventory. PDX has truly been a most dependable and trusted technology partner for Giant Eagle pharmacy for nearly 20 years.”

Contact us to learn more about EPS.

Read Jim Tsipakis’ full testimony here.

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