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Care Rx and Explore Dx® Come Together. How Does it Work?

You may have heard of Care Rx and Explore Dx® separately, but have you heard about what they can do together? If you don’t know what Care Rx or Explore Dx are, here is a quick rundown.

Care Rx is our clinical services platform that gives pharmacists the ability to reach patients for specialized and targeted care. Care Rx gives access to real-time, interoperable clinical and pharmacy data to enhance patient outcomes, and more, allowing your pharmacy staff to focus on the patients.

Explore Dx is our business intelligence solution that allows pharmacy and healthcare organizations to view retrospective, near real-time, and predictive analytics. With it’s simple drag and drop interface, Explore Dx can help pharmacists easily manage and measure data to get visibility into business operations.

What happens when Care Rx and Explore Dx work together?

Care Rx coupled with Explore Dx identifies actionable opportunities for your business. It can proactively identify or pre-identify patients who may be eligible to be enrolled in certain programs. For example, Care Rx with Explore Dx can pre-identify patients that received the flu shot the previous year and enroll them into the current year Immunization program.

More advanced initiatives are possible, for example, identifying and enrolling patients into a program who are over a certain age and have not received a Shingles vaccine.

By proactively enrolling identified patients into the appropriate programs, Care Rx helps your pharmacy business combat DIR fees by demonstrating a commitment to higher quality care.

Care Rx and Explore Dx can also be used to combat medication non-adherence. For example, your pharmacy business may want to target patients who have a low PDC score. With this integration, we can identify these “at risk” patients and enroll them into a Medication Adherence program.

Care Rx and Explore Dx offers pharmacies a robust specialty solution.  Care Rx is a clinical documentation platform that offers real-time PDC adherence scores and other tools to help pharmacists clinically assess patients within a simple solution.  Explore Dx’s integration with Care Rx, allows you to source data from Care Rx (along with EPS™) into different reports that can help your pharmacy business grow or see where you can improve.

This integration not only simplifies the process of pre-identifying patients and enrolling them in appropriate specialty programs, that can ultimately reduce DIR fees, but it also puts the patient in the best position for positive health outcomes.

Contact us to learn more about the Care Rx and Explore Dx integration.

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