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Care Rx is the missing piece in the healthcare landscape that makes the challenge of keeping your healthcare business in narrow networks simple, and your clinicians, pharmacists and staff feeling confident. Our solution gives you the ability to reach patients for specialized, targeted care by utilizing real-time aggregation of pharmacy and clinical data that is centralized in a single application, can be used-on-the-go, and is seamlessly integrated with your PDX dispensing platform.

Clinical retail, manufacturer, and specialty programs coupled with Care Rx data analytics, reconciliation, audit capabilities, paperless documentation and clinical support allow you to accomplish more business while improving your patients’ well-being.

Equipped with robust business intelligence, our Naloxone Program in Care Rx delivers the ability to identify patients at risk of opioid overutilization. By using enhanced triggering technology built into the Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS) workflow, notifications are fired in response to patients who meet or exceed the 24-hour morphine milligram equivalent (MME) risk threshold. EPS provides pharmacists direct access to a naloxone dispensing intervention featured in the Care Rx platform.

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  • Programs for retail & specialty pharmacy, including Medication Therapy Management and Disease State Management

  • Integrated clinical program opportunities within pharmacy workflow

  • Major medical and pharmacy billing services

  • Business Intelligence/Data Analytics for financial accuracy, auditing and reporting purposes

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Enhanced tools for medication alignment and adherence

Easily assess your data via dashboards and Care Rx® reports

Care Rx® clinical and support teams work as an extension of your staff

Real-time access to clinical data, labs and adherence indicators to improve patient therapy assessments

Clinical Retail Programs: Standard and customizable clinical content for medication therapy and disease state management programs

Clinical Specialty and Manufacturer Programs: Pre-configured and customizable clinical content for many specialty therapy classes

Access real-time, interoperable clinical and pharmacy data coupled with clinical programs to enhance patient outcomes management

Documentation and scheduling tool for providers

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