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Effective Inventory Management Takes Teamwork

An article published by Total Pharmacy, discussed how pharmacy technicians play an important role in properly managing pharmacy inventory. When it comes to inventory management, it takes teamwork and well-thought out workflows to get the job done.

As pharmacists’ roles expand into more patient care services, technicians can step up to the plate and help alleviate certain operational responsibilities, like inventory management. Below are some tips the article mentioned:

  • A lot of technicians are willing and able to learn new skill sets and accept more responsibility, so by enlisting their help in managing the pharmacy’s inventory is a great way to invest in your employees.
  • Every pharmacy has certain products that move faster than others, in which case it makes sense to buy those products in bulk. Your technicians can monitor the top 50 dispensed medications and help with ascertaining the frequency and amount to order.
  • All pharmacies encounter deadstock at some point. However, it’s what you do with this “dead” stock that can make a difference. Technicians can identify stock that has not moved in 4-6 months and then help identify another store in your chain to transfer that stock over to, who can sell it.

Having automated inventory management solutions like Turn Rx, can be your staff’s and business’ best friend when it comes to easily navigating the inventory process. Here are a few features of Turn Rx that can help:

  • Turn Rx’s cycle counting module is built into your workflow to make inventory maintenance seamless and increase turns. This solution is also fully integrated within our pharmacy management system, Enterprise Pharmacy System’s (EPS) workflow. It enables your staff to conveniently and efficiently perform cycle counts based on workload.
  • Turn Rx can automate the daily order process and allows pharmacy businesses to create individual store, region, or chain-level rules on inventory replenishment.
  • If certain stores are dispensing more or less of a certain drug than others, the Transfers feature moves inventory around to cover that demand or lack thereof.

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