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Envoy Dx™ Data Organization and Transmission

Envoy Dx™ leverages the Explore Dx® Data Warehouse to organize, transform, and send data that is sourced from EPS®, Care Rx®, Turn Rx®, and other proprietary or commercial systems for the purpose of meeting various reporting needs. Immense possibilities exist for this innovative technology to mitigate data conundrums in the healthcare industry.

Specialty Pharmacy Reporting

Tired of trying to manage complex data and reporting elements required to sell limited distribution drugs? Well, you’re in luck. This platform is designed to meet the robust business requirements involved in specialty pharmacy reporting, so that your business can efficiently and effectively provide the information needed to data aggregators and manufacturers.

Our platform allows for timely and accurate data transmission. If detected, Envoy Dx will hard halt any errors prior to sending the formatted data through. With the implementation of this solution, it can also significantly reduce the man hours once required to retrieve and format data for specialty drug manufacturers.

  • Expedited data feed creation process

  • Exception handling process to improve data accuracy

  • Integrated scheduling to provide timely data feeds

  • Rapid development to continue enhancing system and data availability

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    Data Facilitator

    Envoy Dx is the missing link needed to better facilitate efficient operational practices and help drive accuracy of the available data.

    You Choose Who Drives

    Like Explore Dx®, you can choose to use this platform in a self-service manner or enlist PDX’s consulting services to manage your needs.

    Stay on Good Terms

    We help your pharmacy business fulfill contractual obligations to maintain a good position in specialty and limited-distribution networks.

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