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Backed by a 24-hour development effort and available as Workflow, the PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System™ (EPS™) has become the industry leader in pharmacy management systems. Designed by pharmacists and continually enhanced by the nation’s largest pharmacy-focused development team, EPS is the solution used in thousands of pharmacies, including independents, regional and national chains, mail order facilities, central fill locations, specialty pharmacies, and pharmacies serving out-patient and long-term care facilities.

EPS offers versatility in deployment through distributed, virtualized, or cloud environments to satisfy your infrastructure needs. Our customer support is second to none, with multiple upgraded support options available. EPS is fast, safe, and intuitive, helping you meet your patients’ expectations.

  • Improves processes and efficiency

  • Enhances patient safety and accuracy

  • Promotes greater patient care and convenience

  • Allows for future growth and increased prescription volume

  • Increases persistence and compliance with AutoFill® and AutoMail®

  • Capable of processing high prescription volume of internet pharmacies

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Cloud EPS

Cuts down on hardware and support costs while reducing your in-store hardware footprint

Internet/Mobile Pharmacy

The perfect system to accommodate high-volume prescription filling with thorough reporting and robust API capabilities

Specialty Pharmacy

Allows retail pharmacies to efficiently provide much-needed services to patients with complex diseases

Long-Term Care

Provides a fast and proficient solution to service long-term care facilities

Master Patient Index

Offers real-time, chain-wide DUR and exchange of demographic, prescription, third party, and clinical data across all pharmacies in your chain with this central patient record

Online Prescription Management

Enables you to manage and request refills of your medications as well as accessing important drug information from anywhere

Store-Based Mail Order

Gives your patients the option to pick up their prescriptions or have meds sent to them at home


Maintain a pharmacy presence in rural and remote areas while allowing your pharmacists to perform verification tasks from another store location


  • Enhanced Audit Records
  • Nationwide PMP Submissions
  • Custom and canned reports
  • Custom label creation
  • Continuous development
  • Scalable
  • Custom development options
  • Flexible architecture: Distributed, Virtual, or Cloud
  • Biometric device utilization
  • Encryption in motion and at rest
  • NDC verification
  • Medi-Span® clinical integration
  • Prescription and document scanning
  • Multiple RPh verification points
  • Medi-Span® and clinical integration
  • Multiple wholesaler support
  • Cleansed drug files
  • 340B support
  • Central Services
  • No-hassle T/P billing
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Long-Term Care
  • Specialty modules
  • Telemedicine
  • Local delivery
  • Return to Stock
  • Medication synchronization
  • Outbound patient notifications
    (IVR, Mobile, & Email)
  • Dedicated pharmacist counseling
  • Online patient portal – ePharmacy
  • Central Fill and Mail Order
  • Telemedicine
  • AutoFill®
  • Mobile integration
  • ePharmacy
  • MTM
  • Medication synchronization
  • Dedicated pharmacist counseling
  • Telemedicine
  • Outbound patient notifications
  • Short learning curve
  • Around-the-clock support
  • Workload balancing
  • Nationwide prescriber database
  • Master patient index
  • Electronic fax server
  • Hosted credit card processing
  • Centralized compound formulas
  • Electronic drug ordering
  • ACS integration
  • POS integration
  • Automatic drug selection
  • Mail order
  • Enhanced address standardization/verification
  • Messaging rules engine

What Our Customers Are Saying

“As you might imagine, changing pharmacy systems while maintaining customer service is like changing the engine on a 747 while in flight. It takes a great deal of people, time, and resources to be able to accomplish such a task. It was a huge plus to have a team with extensive knowledge about the application assisting our stores with questions that ranged from procedural to technical. PDX’s Level 1 support team truly felt like an extension of our own pharmacy business and IT teams. Many thanks to our partner PDX for helping make this a reality.”

—Marc Allgood | Director of Pharmacy Systems & Process Redesign, Albertsons Companies

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