Change Healthcare acquires PDX, Inc.

Change Healthcare acquires PDX, Inc.

The Transition to Change: Inspire a Better Healthcare 

You’ve probably seen the news. PDX, Inc. habeen acquired by Change Healthcare as of June 1st, 2020Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company that provides data and analytics-driven solutions to improve clinical, financial and patient engagement outcomes in the U.S. healthcare system. They are a key catalyst of a value-based healthcare system, accelerating the journey toward improved lives and healthier communities. 

PDX fits very well with Change Healthcare. Change Healthcare’s values are Pursue Purpose, Be Agile, Champion Innovation, Include All, and Earn Trust. As an institution in the pharmacy industry for yearsPDX has shown examples in each of these areas. 

Pursue Purpose: The purpose of PDX is and has always been to create patient-centric and innovative technology for the pharmacy industry to help improve outcomes for patients. To this day, every decision PDX makes is centered around this purpose. 

Be Agile: The PDX development process is designed to be fast and efficient, allowing for quick and accurate turnover for their customers. 

Champion Innovation: PDX is constantly innovating to give customers the best solution possible to serve their patients, from their staple product Enterprise Pharmacy System to clinical services to business intelligence and more. 

Include All: The end goal of PDX is to help customers improve outcomes for as many patients as possible and in turn create a better pharmacy experience for all. 

Earn Trust: PDX views customers as partners. They take pride in working with their customers and having them involved in all aspects of the process. 

What does Change Healthcare do? 

Change Healthcare is a healthcare technology solutions company that champions the improvement of all aspects of care episodes from start to finish. Their goal is to create a more coordinated, efficient and collaborative healthcare system to deliver better outcomes for patients.  

Change Healthcare does this through their unique perspective and interconnected position in healthcare, acting as a catalyst for value-based care. Their solutions allow healthcare to work smarter and reflect their understanding of the intricacies in moving toward a better healthcare. Change Healthcare demonstrates this through their solutions which can be broadly categorized into Software and Analytics, Network Solutions, and Technology-Enable Services. 

Why is it important? 

Change Healthcare works with both payers and providers to help guide the healthcare industry through the patient journey. They collaborate with healthcare payers and providers, and apply innovative data- and analytics-driven solutions and services, to help improve clinical decision-making; simplify billing, collection, and payment processes; and enable a better patient experience. 

At the end of the day, Change Healthcare is focused on creating better outcomes for patients. Just the same as PDX. It will be exciting to see how PDX can thrive under the umbrella of Change Healthcare. 

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