Andrew McKernon 2018

Andrew McKernon

National Director of Business Development

Andrew’s responsibilities include securing new lines of business, introducing new PDX products and services to existing customers, and providing unique “out-of-the-box” solutions to clients who are navigating the complex healthcare technology space.

Andrew joined PDX in 2009 with responsibilities for implementations, then project management and soon graduating to client business consulting.  His unique marriage of technical knowledge, business operations, and creative solution mining have proved highly successful.

On weekends, Andrew can be found (or not found) enjoying the outdoors with golf, skydiving, trying to fly-fish, being an amateur arborist, and hiking…but overall his true enjoyment comes from his love of cooking…perfecting a good roux, sous vide, and balsamic reductions.

Andrew holds multiple degrees from the University of North Texas, including Political Science, International Studies, and Sociology.