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John Woods, CISSP, CISM

Vice President of Information Security & Infrastructure

Before working in security at PDX, John Woods spent time as a trainer and was one of the company’s first software designers. He believes that his previous experience with PDX and the experience he has had prior to joining the company in 2010 has prepared him to accomplish his primary mission of protecting the company’s intellectual property and the data of which PDX is the custodian.

Prior to joining PDX in 2010, John created the Information Security practice at eRx Network where he and his team protected one hundred million electronic prescription records per day. He also led their infrastructure team to create its highly available high-speed claim switching computing environment. John has worked in the technology or pharmacy space since 1991.

John and his fiancé, Kelly, spend their weekends camping, relaxing at home in their back yard, or spending time anywhere outdoors. He also has a love for golf, dating back to his pre-teen days, although his score would not support that timeline. Giving back is also important to John, and he does so through his involvement with both a Boy Scout Troop and Boy Scout Crew in his area as well as serving as a board member for a Career and Technology Education (CTE) advisory board for a local school district.

John has held a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification since 2008 and a Certified Information System Manager (CISM) since 2014.