picture of Ken Hill, Founder and Chairman of the Board for PDX

Ken Hill, Sr., R.Ph.

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Ken Hill was born in Texas to a third generation ranching family in 1941. He and his two brothers worked cattle on the 20,000 acre ranch during the ‘40s and ‘50s with only an occasional break to have lunch and pick up veterinary supplies in the cool Walgreen Agency drug store in Graham. All three boys became pharmacists.

While attending The University of Texas at Austin in the late 1960s, Ken was introduced to the concept that all pharmacies would soon be controlled by computer systems. By 1978, Ken was one of only 3% of U.S. pharmacists who had adopted the new technology for his pharmacy in Granbury, Texas, where he was also mayor and the consultant for the local hospital and local nursing homes.

Today, NHC is the holding company for PDX, Inc®, National Health Information Network, Inc.®, and Rx.com, Inc.®.  These three companies service nearly 10,000 pharmacies in the U.S. today with standardized software, clinical databases, and communications services. Collectively, their customers fill over 20 percent of all retail prescriptions in the country today. In 2004, the companies launched a real-time, cleansed, and merged Electronic Pharmacy Record for their customers’ patients.