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Pharmacists and their Growing Role with Immunizations

Flu season has arrived and in Texas, has already taken its first pediatric fatality. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, a 5-year-old child succumbed to the effects of the flu and had not previously received a flu vaccination. Many states across the U.S. are experiencing rising flu activity and some are even at an “above-average level”. Pharmacists are in a position to help their communities prevent the flu and other preventable diseases by educating the importance of vaccinations.

Over the course of about 20 years, pharmacists have become more and more integral to the routine immunization of patients. In fact, most patients today probably think of going to a pharmacy first for their flu shot. A big reason for this is because of the accessibility of pharmacists.

In an article by Pharmacy Times, the recent measles outbreak was highlighted as a prime example of a scenario where due to the ease of access, pharmacists are well positioned to have important conversations with patients about the vaccines they need and to also debunk any myths by providing vaccine safety information. The article states that, “Currently, immunization is the #1 patient care service offered by community pharmacists, highlighting the important role pharmacists play in public health.”

Not only will immunizations be profitable for your business, but the benefits of this service go far beyond revenue advantages. The article says, “Pharmacy-based immunization services help build a relationship based on trust between the patient and the pharmacist, leading the patient to rely more on the pharmacist for a wide array of services such as medication synchronization, diabetes education, over-the-counter recommendations, prescription delivery, health screenings, medication therapy management services, and traditional prescription dispensing.”

The immunization market isn’t slowing down anytime soon. It’s predicted that by 2020, it will reach almost $50 billion.

Recognizing this trend and the need for pharmacies to have technology that supports the growth of their immunization business, is why Care Rx offers an all-inclusive Immunization Program. From billing third parties, to reporting to state registries, and electronically capturing all required patient and administrative information, this solution is designed to cover it all. Care Rx is also integrated with STC (Scientific Technologies Corporation) to provide immunization reporting and forecasting abilities with ImmsLink® and ImmuCast®, respectively.

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