Pharmacist providing COVID-19 screening.

Pharmacist providing COVID-19 screening.

Pharmacists’ Role Expands for COVID-19

Big and exciting news happened this week in the pharmacy and healthcare industry. In an effort to combat the global pandemic, the Trump Administration has authorized licensed pharmacists to provide and administer COVID-19 testing.

“Giving pharmacists the authorization to order and administer COVID-19 tests to their patients means easier access to testing for Americans who need it,” Alex Azar, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary said. “Pharmacists play a vital role in delivering convenient access to important public health services and information. The Trump Administration is pleased to give pharmacists the chance to play a bigger role in the COVID-19 response, alongside all of America’s heroic healthcare workers.”

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores applauded the Trump Administration’s decision. “The Trump Administration, Secretary Azar and Assistant Secretary Giroir have made an important move to empower pharmacists to provide critical patient care in an expanded way in the nation’s response to COVID-19,” Steve Anderson, NACDS President and CEO said. “Pharmacies and pharmacists already have demonstrated they are here to lead, and will continue to rise to respond to this nation’s most significant health crisis. We look forward to continuing to work with leaders at all levels of government to remove barriers to patient care so pharmacists and pharmacies will be fully empowered and prepared to serve the nation.”

How Care Rx Can Help

In addition to the daily duties in the pharmacy – filling prescriptions, counseling patients, etc., pharmacists can expect to be even busier in the upcoming weeks and months due to demand of COVID-19 testing.

With Care Rx, our clinical services platform, documentation and billing for clinical services can be a breeze.

“As pharmacists administer COVID -19 tests to patients, Care Rx will assist them in documentation of testing and vaccination results as such become available utilizing existing bidirectional, interoperable industry standards,” Tracy Hill, PDX Vice President of Marketing said. “Care Rx enables the pharmacist to provide their high-quality patient care services on the go, by being able to be accessed in the palm of their hand on a touchscreen device. Further, Care Rx enables the pharmacist to schedule follow-up counseling for prevention and treatment efforts.”

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