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Pharmacy Industry Updates: April 2020

Every month, our Industry Relations Director, Leann Lewis provides an in-depth industry update to customers. Below, you will find an agenda for the industry update for April. If you have any questions regarding any of the points, contact us here.


PDMP Updates


  • Moving from the Appriss Legacy RxSentry to Appriss PMP AWARxE Platform on 04-20-2020
  • Registration begins on 03-25-2020

Utah – Will be moving to NIC’s RxGov in the future

  • 01-15-2020 – Utah still in holding pattern with RxGov
  • Require Gabapentin Reporting as of 04-01-2020 but request it be reported ASAP.
  • Reminder to submit Butalbital as it is a state schedule 3.


  • 01-01-2021 -Require reporting “as soon as reasonably possible but no more than one working day after a controlled substance is dispensed.” Also requires Schedule V reporting.


  • Possible move to “near real time” as a pilot later this year. Waiting on additional details.

Kentucky and Oklahoma

  • Move to ASAP 4.2B by Jan 2020. Waiting on additional details.


PDMP Checking prior to dispensing
  • Illinois – required integration by 01-01-2021
  • Nebraska – considering requirement by 01-01-2021


Legislative/Regulatory Reminders for April 2020
  • California – raising fees for a variety of license types
  • NCPDP ECL – Reject code changes related to Schedule II incremental fills


New Legislative/Regulatory Highlights
  • Florida, Virginia, West Virginia updated/expanded pharmacist roles.
  • Idaho, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia all have strengthened rules against PBM abuses.


Get Involved/Get Informed Spotlight
  • DIR Updates
  • A Few Items of Interest in recent Board of Pharmacy Newsletters
  • COVID – 19 Items of Interest
    • OCR – relaxation of HIPAA telemedicine rules
    • Pay attention to BOP Newsletters and notices
    • Cancellation or changes to industry events


Contact us to ask questions or get more information about these updates.

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