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Pharmacy Industry Updates: April 2019

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PDMP Roundup

PDMP Reporting

  • California – Require Serial Number to be reported
    • Emergency Legislation signed which delays enforcement of the Serial Number requirements to at least 07-01-2019 and no later than 01-01-2020.
    • Allows dispensing of prescriptions on old pads until 01-01-2021
    • DOJ/BOP are still discussing the format of the serial number and barcode.
    • It does not address the PDMP reporting aspect.
  • Ohio — report Naltrexone Products to OARRS Effective 03-19-2019 (Notice on 01-16-19)
  • Florida – ASAP V4.2 Accepted now, but required as of 12-19-2019


Potential PDMP Changes

  • Utah — Finalized rule not yet published in the Utah Bulletin. Waiting on final details.
  • Nebraska – Pending legislation to require ASAP V4.2A and add additional fields in Q3 of 2019. Including Gender, ID, Sold date. SIG requirement will likely be removed.
  • Oregon HB 3315 –Introduced March 4, 2019, Adds to the reporting
    • method of payment used to purchase the prescription drug
    • diagnosis or other information related to a prescription
    • Whether the patient is required to obtain prescriptions from a designated practitioner or prescription drugs from a designated pharmacy


PDMP Checking

  • Montana – Updated rules on checking PDMP data prior to prescribing or dispensing 10-01-2019

The following states have recently announced state-wide funding for Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway and/or NarxCare solutions:

  • Alabama: Funding NarxCare
  • Louisiana: Funding NarxCare
  • Nevada: Funding NarxCare
  • Washington D.C.: Funding Gateway


Legislative/Regulatory Reminders for March/April  2019


  • Medicare Part D – Precluded Provider Implementation on 04-01-2019
    • The affected providers (pharmacies and prescribers) should have been notified by CMS and should not be on  the list until all appeals to this process were exhausted.
    • The CMS Precluded Provider list is not publicly available.
    • Any affected beneficiaries should have gotten at least a 60 day notice.
    • This is NOT something that can be overridden during adjudication.
    • Expect Reject Code 929- ID Submitted is associated with a precluded prescriber.


  • Alabama – Updates regulations for:
    • Supervising pharmacists
    • Failing to complete Continuing Education
  • Idaho – Myriad of Rules in April if Legislature Approves  — See March BOP Newsletter for summary.
  • Texas – Updated rules related to licensing and pharmacy practice
  • Wyoming – Prohibit Gag Orders


New Legislative/Regulatory Highlights   

  • Arkansas – Require electronic prescribing on Schedule II through VI as of 01-01-2021
  • Arizona – Delayed EPCS for Schedule II Opioids until 01-01-2020, with some exceptions.
  • Nebraska – Requires coverage for filling prescriptions to synchronize the patient’s medications with prorated copays and full dispensing fees.
  • South Dakota – Prohibit gag orders
  • Virginia – Gabapentin has moved from a drug of concern to Schedule V (Immediate)
  • Wyoming – Require EPCS as of 01-01-2021


Get Involved/Get Informed Spotlight


Monthly Opioid Updates


PBM’s and Medicaid Updates

  • Washington Medicaid and below cost dispensing fees
    • NACDS and NAPB filed briefs requesting immediate action including retroactive payment back to April 1, 2017.
  • More states taking on PBMS and spread pricing for Medicaid Managed Care
    • Kentucky, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia


Rules, Rules, and more Rules

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