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Pharmacy Industry Updates: December 2019

Every month, our Industry Relations Director, LeAnn Lewis provides an in-depth industry update to customers. Below, you will find an abbreviated agenda for the industry update for December. If you have any questions regarding any of the points, contact us here.

PDMP Roundup

PDMP Reporting

  • Nebraska – Posted New Data Submission Guide on 11-13-2019 V1.2.1
  • Oregon – Effective likely 01-01-2020 (waiting on final rule)
    • Require Gabapentin Reporting as a Drug of Concern
    • Require Diagnosis Code and “reason for the prescription” if provided on the prescription
  • California
    • New format of the 12 digit Serial Number was published for 1-1-20
    • 01-01-2021 -Require reporting “as soon as reasonably possible but no more than one working day after a controlled substance is dispensed.” Also requires Schedule V reporting.
  • Florida – ASAP V4.2A Accepted now, but required as of 12-19-2019
  • Pennsylvania – Effective 02-28-2020 will require submission of
    • ​​​​​​​Patient Phone Number (PAT17)
    • NCPDP ID field (PHA02)
    • Transmission Form of Rx Origin Code (DSP12)
    • Partial Fill Indicator (DSP13)
    • Prescriber State License Number (PRE04) when available)
    • New Data Submission Guide is available
  • Utah – Will be moving to NIC’s RxGov in the future
    • 11-19-2019 – Tentatively scheduled for late December, early January


Contact us to ask questions or get more information about these updates.

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