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Pharmacy Industry Updates: March 2019


PDMP Roundup

  • Montana – End of next business day reporting as of 09-08-2018 – Data Submission Guide on Website still shows every 8 days. Two notices were mailed to Montana submitters.
  • California – New Dispensing Guide as of 01-01-2019
    • New Prescription Forms with 15-character Serial Number
    • Emergency Legislation in in progress to delay enforcement of serial number on prescriptions pads until at least 07-01-2019
  • Hawaii – Require Schedule V drug reporting as of 01-16-2019 (Notice on 01-09-19)
  • Louisiana – Require reporting of Naloxone 01-20-2019 (Notice on 01-15-19 /  Regulation posted 01-28-2019)
  • Rhode Island – Require ASAP V4.2A with ICD-10 as of 01-22-2019 (Notice on 01-17-19)
  • Ohio – Report Naltrexone Products to OARRS Effective March 19, 2019 (Notice on 01-16-19)
  • Florida – ASAP V4.2 Accepted now, but required as of 12-19-2019

Potential PDMP Changes

  • Utah – Finalized rule not yet published in the Utah Bulletin and waiting on final details.
  • Nebraska – Pending legislation to require ASAP V4.2A and add additional fields in Q3 of 2019. Including Gender, ID, Sold date. SIG requirement will likely be removed.


Legislative/Regulatory Reminders for March 2019

  • Mississippi
    • Pharmacists can dispense up to the total prescribed quantity for non-controlled substances.
  • Florida
    • Updated penalties for failing to comply with PDMP checking requirements.
    • Updated rules/definitions for prescribing of controlled substances for acute pain.


New Legislative/Regulatory Highlights   

  • Arizona – Delayed Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances requirement until 01-01-2020
  • Maryland and Utah – Self Administered Hormonal Contraceptives


Get Involved/Get Informed Spotlight

 Initiatives on Prescription Drugs Costs and Reducing Out of Pockets Expenses

  • Drug Importation (Congress and States)
  • Outcomes based contracts (Congress/CMS)
  • Medicare Price negotiations (Congress)
  • Removal of Safe Harbor for Rebates (CMS)
  • international Pricing Model (CMS)
  • Increased Generic Reimbursement (FDA, CMS, VA)
  • Price Transparency (States)
  • Price Gouging (States)
  • Modernizing Part D and Medicare Advantage to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out of Pocket Expenses

Monthly Opioid/Controlled Substance Update

  • Long awaited Quantity Prescribed Rule
  • CMS Documentation/Tip Sheets for the New Opioid Policy for Prescribers and Pharmacies
  • New York Opioid Stewardship Fund

CMS Updates

  • Precluded Provider List
    • Implemented soon whereby a list is kept of all prescribers not able to prescribe for Part D.
    • Plans are to send letters to the affected beneficiaries by Feb 1, 2019 .
    • Plans will reject any new or refilled prescription from prescriber on the list starting 04-01-2019.
    • New and modified rejects should have been part of January 2019 NCPDP ECL implementation.
    • List will not be made available only to plan sponsors, so pharmacies cannot check against this.
    • Prescriber data vendors are looking for a solution.
  • Reminder – Pharmacies are also included in this list.

State Legislative Trends

  • Prescription Drug Pricing
  • Pass Through Pricing for Medicaid Managed Care
  • Opioids
  • Cannabidiol
  • Marijuana – Medical and Recreational
  • Oregon – Prescription labelling in any language that is spoken by .02% or more of the population.

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