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Pharmacy Industry Updates: May 2019

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PDMP Roundup

PDMP Reporting

  • New Hampshire — Moving to ASAP 4.2A on 05-01-2019 (Appriss)
    • Data Submission Guide available as of 04-18-2019
  • Maryland – Changing from Appriss to NIC’s RxGov as of 06-01-2019
    • Reporting within 24 hours of dispensing.
    • Dispensing Guide is available.
  • California – Require Serial Number to be reported
    • Delayed until no later than 01-01-2020.
    • Allows dispensing of prescriptions written on old pads until 01-01-2021
    • DOJ/BOP are still discussing the length/format of the serial number and type of barcode.
    • It does not address the PDMP reporting aspect.
  • Florida – ASAP V4.2 Accepted now, but required as of 12-19-2019


Potential PDMP Changes 

  • Utah – DAR File No. 43353 Proposed Rule published 11-15-2018,  Finalized 12-27-2018.  Added new fields.  No updated information from Utah PDMP.
  • Nebraska LB 556– Pending legislation
    • Requires ASAP V4.2A with additional fields Including Gender, ID, Sold date.
    • Change from Dr. First to a new vendor
    • Aug/Sept timeframe
    • Notice will be sent once contracts are finalized.
  • Oregon HB 3315 –Introduced March 4, 2019, Adds to the reporting
    • method of payment used to purchase the prescription drug
    • diagnosis or other information related to a prescription
    • Whether the patient is required to obtain prescriptions from a designated practitioner or prescription drugs from a designated pharmacy


Legislative/Regulatory Reminders for April/May  2019

  • Rhode Island (SB2529 -2018)– Require PBMs to allow and reimburse for the  full amount of contraceptives to be dispensed up to 365 days.  05-01-2019
  • Utah – (HB 370 – 2019) A pharmacy benefit manager
    • (a) may not require a pharmacy to collect the amount of a customer’s cost share for a prescription drug or device solely from the customer or the customer’s agent;
    • (b) shall permit a pharmacy to cover all or part of the amount of a customer’s cost share for a prescription drug or device; and
    • (c) may not reduce or deny a claim for a prescription drug or device more than 90 days after the day on which the claim is submitted to the pharmacy benefit manager


New Legislative/Regulatory Highlights  (More details below in Roundup)

  • Colorado – EPCS Required by 01-01-2021
  • Utah – Make Tramadol a Schedule IV
  • Montana – Any performance based fee may only be applied to the dispensing fee and not cost of goods.
  • Virginia – New Audit Rules
  • North Dakota – Added Cannabidiol Drugs and Gabapentin to Schedule V


Get Involved/Get Informed Spotlight

Medicare Part D Provider Preclusion List – Any impact?

NCPDP Annual Conference and Workgroup May 5-8 in Scottsdale.   

Controlled Substance Prescriptions

  • Watch your state for changes for pharmacist responsibility
  • CVS penalized $535,000 for filling invalid prescriptions

Oregon SB 698

Current Version requires  by  01-01-2021 that labels and information be available in  at least the 14 languages listed in the bill in communities as determined by the Board of Pharmacy.


SCRIPT V2017071 Implementation – Brief Overview

  • New Messages and functionality
  • What to expect
  • Timelines


PBM Update


Federal Rules Updates





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