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Pharmacy Industry Updates: November 2019

Every month, our Industry Relations Director, LeAnn Lewis provides an in-depth industry update to customers. Below, you will find the agenda for the industry update for November. If you have any questions regarding any of the points, contact us here.


PDMP Roundup

PDMP Reporting

  • Nebraska – Available on 10-21-2019 Mandatory on 10-31-2019
    • Changing from Dr. First to a NIC’s RxGov Platform
  • Alabama – Gabapentin Schedule V as of 11-18-2019
  • Oregon – Effective likely 01-01-2020
    • Require Gabapentin Reporting as a Drug of Concern
    • Require Diagnosis Code and “reason for the prescription”
  • California –Waiting on new format of serial number/ barcode for 01-01-2020
    • PDMP reporting – required now if serial number is on the form.
    • 01-01-2021 -Require reporting “as soon as reasonably possible but no more than one working day after a controlled substance is dispensed.” Also requires Schedule V.
  • Florida – ASAP V4.2A Accepted now, but required as of 12-19-2019

Potential PDMP Changes 

  • Utah – Will be moving to NIC’s RxGov in the future
    • 09-10-2019 – Finalized in the next 30-45 days


Legislative/Regulatory Reminders for November 2019

  • Arizona (HB2166) – Payers must include all payments made on behalf of the patient when calculating Out of Pockets costs (e.g. deductibles, out of pocket maximums)
  • Missouri – updated rules on transferring of controlled substance prescriptions
  • New Jersey (S 2690) – Further enforces prohibition of Cost Share > Cost , gag clauses, and insurer must apply the lesser amount to the patient out of pocket
  • Oklahoma (HB 2632) – Sweeping PBM changes, including network adequacy, fees, recoupments, audits
  • USP 800 Hazardous Drug Compliance for Compounding pharmacies and retail in some states
  • Drug Supply Chain Security Act – Wholesaler compliance


New Legislative/Regulatory Highlights

  • California – Updates to CURES
  • California – Delays most of the Privacy Act of 2018 provisions until 01-01-2020
  • North Dakota – Requires compliance with USP 800 for compounding by 12-01-2019
  • West Virginia – Schedule II controlled substances cannot be outsourced via central prescription filling


Get Involved/Get Informed Spotlight

    • Network compliance information
    • Highlight RxChangeRequest/Response and CancelRXRequest/Response
  • Odds and Ends
    • National Association of State Controlled Substances Authorities (NASCSA)
    • California Updates
    • Pharmacist Prescribing
  • NCPDP Workgroups November 6-8 in St. Petersburg, FL

Contact us to ask questions or get more information about these updates.

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