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Prescription Delivery Options During Social Distancing

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus, and flatten the curve, businesses are advised to decrease the footprint in their stores. Many of these businesses are offering delivery and contactless services to customers to continue business while keeping the community safe and social distancing.

With the right pharmacy management system and operational processes in place, pharmacies can follow suit and offer delivery and automatic refill options to their patients to promote medication adherence and positive outcomes.

Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPSTM) offers AutoFill® and AutoMail®.


With AutoFill, patients can easily opt-in to have their prescription automatically refilled. Once enabled, prescriptions are automatically inputted into EPS for processing before the patient’s current supply is depleted. In this crazy time of uncertainty, patients can be confident that they will have their medication to keep them and their loved ones as healthy as possible.


Delivery methods have become increasingly popular during this time. With lockdowns and curfews in some cities, having prescriptions delivered may be patients’ only option to get their medications. With AutoMail, patients can easily receive their prescription just by opening up their front door.

Shipping Queue

Patients are notified via your pharmacy’s preferred method of communication once their prescription is available. They are given the option to have it delivered to their home and pay within the app – making the whole process a breeze!

In addition, EPS integrates with popular prescription delivery solutions, such as ScriptDrop, to ensures pharmacists have a secure and compliant wat to submit prescription delivery requests electronically.

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