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Simplifying the Refill Process and How it Improves Adherence

What is one of the biggest obstacles in healthcare, today? Some would say, medication non-adherence. It’s estimated that patients who are prescribed chronic medications are only 50 percent adherent. Not only does it affect the patients’ health and well-being, but the behavior of non-adherence costs the healthcare industry up to $300 billion each year!

Sending educational videos to patients isn’t the only way to curb the non-adherence statistics. Technology plays a significant role in addressing persistence and compliance issues. A study revealed that patients with automatic refill schedules had increased levels of medication adherence than those who do not get their prescriptions filled automatically.

Every pharmacy utilizes a pharmacy system. But does your pharmacy system have the features that promote medication adherence?

Here are some features that both  patients and pharmacists are sure to appreciate:

Easy opt-in and refill

“Work smarter, not harder” is a well-known phrase. Features like AutoFill® do just that.  With AutoFill® (a feature of EPS™) patients can easily opt-in to fill their prescriptions automatically.  When AutoFill® is enabled, prescriptions are automatically put into EPS for processing before a patient’s current medication supply is depleted. That means that patients will have a continuous supply of their needed medication.

Medications right to their door

Now that your patients have opted-in to automatic refill, what’s next? How do they prefer to get their medication? In a world that favors home delivery more and more, features like EPS™’s AutoMail® give patients the option to get their medications sent straight to their front door.

Easy communication

With features like mobile messaging, outbound patient communications like texts, app notifications, and emails are possible. The patient can even choose the delivery method! After the patient receives the message, the responses get sent to EPS™ and pharmacists have access to the information all in one place!

While medication adherence is still a top concern for the healthcare industry, these three features are sure to help in the process.

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