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The business of healthcare is often very complex. These complexities, however, present many incredible opportunities that our flexible pharmacy and healthcare solutions allow you to take advantage of with relative ease. Our solutions range from retail pharmacy to business intelligence, specialty pharmacy to outpatient facility, pharma to payer, and, most importantly, patient outcomes. By being able to participate in these markets and sustainably tap their potential, you can make the most out of today while having vision for tomorrow.

Business Intelligence/
Population Health

Chances are, you: 

  •  Have spent millions of dollars on a data warehouse platform that has over-promised and under-delivered, with no actionable intelligence deliverables to drive you forward. 
  •  Heard about others spending millions of dollars and getting nowhere, so you’ve sat on the sidelines with no actionable intelligence.
  •  Are ready to get in the game, but want to ease in with a low-cost of entry, but thought that was not possible. 

It is now! Explore Dx® drives results for pharmacy and healthcare organizations through retrospective, near real-time, and predictive analytics. Our solution provides data transparency and actionable reporting, putting data to work while ensuring users gain insight into data that leads to immediate action.  Explore Dx’s HIPAA-compliant platform allows users to access data in near real-time, easily create customizable dashboards and reports, and then take those results and push actionable data back to point of care creating a data-driven organization.   

Through our solutions partnerships with Snowflake™ and Looker™, our business intelligence platform provides unmatched speed, scalability, and reliability.

Health System/
Outpatient Pharmacy

Improve your overall health system with our healthcare solutions. With a proven track record of implementing our solution in one of the largest health systems in the United States, we can raise your game with the following capabilities: 

  •  Transitions of Care
  •  Immunization Reporting
  •  Patient Portal
  •  Mobile Partnerships
    And more…

Pharma and
Payer Solutions

Patient education and medication adherence are just some of the challenges facing the healthcare industry today. PDX Manufacturer Services offers solutions that enhance provider and patient relationships and help increase medication adherence and lower prescription abandonment.

Retail Pharmacy

It’s been the core of what we do for over 30 years, and after the success our retail customers have hadwe continue to provide innovative enterprise solutions for retail pharmacy.

Specialty Pharmacy

Up until now, you’ve had two choices: 

  •  Spend large amounts of capital to create and then maintain your own Specialty pharmacy software which often requires another dispensing software for adjudication and drug utilization review 
  •  Use several systems that don’t integrate, forcing you to use multiple monitors at each desktop 

 Now, you have a third and better choice in our Specialty solution which houses all of your patients’ information in one location, accessible by all your staff, both clinical and operational, providing a single source of truth that manages dispensing, clinical pathways, and pharma reporting.

Internet & Mobile Pharmacy

In the era of seamless shopping experiences and same-day delivery, immediacy is an expectation of today’s consumer. More and more patients are also filling their scripts online and expect speedy home delivery.

Recognizing this trend, PDX can help you serve the emerging direct to consumer market, internet and mobile pharmacy business models with our flagship prescription filling system, EPS. We do this by providing deep integration to current CRM solutions, mobile and web-based patient portals and onboarding needs. We also provide extensive reporting and API capabilities.

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