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The Value Interns Bring into the Office

When you think of summer, your mind probably wanders to laying out by the pool, kids out of school, and snow cones to help cool off in this Texas heat. But summer also brings new faces to the office. I’m talking about Summer Interns.

Having interns brings an immense amount of value to the company. Not only do these young minds bring a fresh perspective, but they also allow current employees to develop leadership skills and can even become future employees.

A fresh perspective

Adding an intern to your team not only expands bandwidth, but they can also bring a new and fresh perspective. Typically, interns are enrolled in college or university, allowing them to share new methods and knowledge learned in class. Including interns in brainstorming sessions will allow you to fully maximize this benefit.

With the always evolving healthcare landscape, bringing a new perspective can put your business leaps and bounds ahead of your competitor by opening the doors to new and unexpected opportunities.

Foster leadership skills

Not only do the interns get to learn from some of the best in the industry, but current employees are able to learn some things, too. Current employees can be assigned to mentor an intern, which would allow them to hone their leadership skills.

From interns to full-time employees

Having interns not only gives you an extra hand during the summer, but it can also be an audition process for the future. Putting in time to teach and train real-world projects not only gives the intern real-world experience but can become a greater investment for the company.

At PDX, we have a history of interns not only returning for internships multiple times but becoming full-time employees. Carter McKelvain is one of the many.

Carter began his internship at PDX in 2015 as an intern for our Information Security department.

“The internship was nothing short of fast paced and exciting. I was just getting into information security at the time and every morning there would something new for me to learn,” Carter said.

John Woods, VP of Information Security, gave Carter the opportunity to choose the project he wanted to learn more about and work on during his internship. There, he chose to focus on penetration testing.

“This gave me an opportunity to research and learn more about the tools and techniques that the bad guys use. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship as I felt as though the work I was doing mattered and that I was helping make the organization more secure,” Carter said.

Carter is now a Security Analyst II and is an integral part of the PDX family.


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