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Top 10 Blogs of 2019

This year was filled with discussion that ranged from the Opioid Epidemic and DIR fees to podcasts and meeting some of the wonderful people at PDX. We rounded up the top 10 blog posts of 2019.

  1. Using Interoperability to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic was widely discussed in 2019. With the increasing number of fatalities, combatting the epidemic was a major focus for the healthcare industry as a whole. In this blog post, we discuss the opioid epidemic and how interoperability plays a major role in combatting the crisis. Read the full post here.

  1. How One Texas Software Company is Defying the Gender Gap in Computer Science

For some people, there’s a preconceived thought when you hear technology or software and the kinds of people that work in the industry. Some might think male-dominated. That’s not the case at PDX. In this blog post, we talk about why there is a large female presence, PDX’s positive work environment, and meet some of the women who contribute to the success at PDX. Read the full post here.

  1. Hard Work, Loyalty, and a Little Bit of Luck

Tracy Gregory, Manager of PDX Classic and AbsoluteAR Quality Assurance, had an unconventional way of coming into the pharmacy software industry. But, with hard work, loyalty, and a little bit of luck, she found success and a long career path. Read the full post here.

  1. The Marathon of Life

After a lifestyle change and overcoming obstacles, Randy Taylor, a support representative at PDX, shares how running long distance saved him. Randy takes us along on his Marathon of Life. Read the full post here.

  1. Women of PDX: A Sit Down with Kelly Froncek, Lead QA Analyst

Kelly Froncek, Lead Quality Assurance Analyst at PDX, started a career in pharmacy to help her pay for school to earn a degree in Radio/TV/Film. After 9/11, her career path changed and she found her passion in healthcare technology. Kelly shares her experience leading to PDX and her thoughts on girls and women in STEM. Read the full post here.

  1. Women of PDX: A Sit Down with Brandi Sherrill, VP of Design and QA

From an education in neuroscience to joining the Peace Corps, Brandi Sherrill, Vice President of Design and QA at PDX, Inc., had a unique journey to a career in Computer Science. In this interview she talks about getting to where she is today, the possible reason why there is a low percentage of women in Computer Science careers, and what she hopes for the future of women in STEM. Read the full post here.


  1. 5 Pharmacy Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts have been around since the start of smart phones, but it seems like they are just now gaining popularity. From crime, to motivational, to entertainment, and more, podcasts are a FREE and easy way to learn new information by just the click of a button. But what about pharmacists? Are there any podcasts that can keep us updated on industry news and learn from others? Short answer, yes. Read the full post here.

  1. 5 Ways Pharmacists Can Use Social Media to Connect with Patients

In an era where 7 in 10 Americans use social media to interact and share information with others, it’s no wonder why pharmacies are seeing the value of incorporating this powerful tool into their own businesses. Through social media, pharmacists are able to connect with their patients, put a face to their pharmacy, educate on the importance of medication adherence, and more. Read the full post here.

  1. #NHITWeek: How is Health IT Critical to Improving the Quality of Healthcare and Pharmacy?

Increased awareness of Health IT’s impact on the healthcare industry, begs us to ask the question, how critical is Health IT for improving the quality of healthcare, and in particular, pharmacy? Short answer: Very. Read the full post here.

  1. Want to Start a Career in Health IT?

With technology being in the forefront for advancing healthcare, it’s no surprise that healthcare-technology related careers are growing. This blog post talks about three health IT jobs on the rise and what drives someone in health IT to do what they do. Read the full post here.

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