Looking to streamline your inventory management process and have access to your inventory count in real time? 

Turn Rx®, an automated inventory management solution driven by predictive analytics, is fully integrated with EPS and provides an intuitive web interface that allows you to manage and track inventory at a pharmacy or corporate level. Turn Rx automates the daily order process and allows pharmacy businesses to create individual pharmacy, region, or chain-level rules on inventory replenishment. In addition, Turn Rx algorithms are customizable, which allows for order points to be calculated in a method that best fits your business needs.

With Turn Rx, you ensure that your business is always managing its inventory in the most efficient and effective way possible.

  • Integrated, near real-time cycle counts

  • Provides accurate perpetual inventory

  • Integration with any wholesaler(s) of your choice

  • Intuitive web user interface

  • Access to thousands of data points

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Cycle Count Management

Make inventory maintenance seamless and increase turns with our enhanced cycle count management solution that is fully integrated within EPS workflow, enabling your staff to conveniently perform cycle counts based on work load.

Inventory Insight

Don’t leave money on the shelf. Easily view your inventory landscape in real-time with our informative, customizable dashboard that gives you a clear picture of your inventory. Paperless backend reporting helps keep you informed.


Our carefully constructed algorithm is highly intuitive and flexible in order to meet the unique needs of your pharmacy business.


The Inventory Transfers feature suggests beneficial inventory transfers between stores, effectively moving stock that would otherwise sit on the shelf.

Order Points

Use this module to set appropriate order points for each drug in your inventory to ensure you always have the right amount on hand.

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