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Want to Start a Career in Health IT?

With technology being in the forefront for advancing healthcare, it’s no surprise that healthcare-technology related careers are growing. An article from HIMSS lists the Five Growing Health Information and Technology Jobs, here are the top three:

Analytics Consultant 

As an analytics consultant, the main focus is compiling as much information as possible and creating reports for users in order to manage business performance regularly. They lead the development and implementation of data analytics solutions.

Chief Security Officer 

By working with IT and engineering departments, CSOs implement strategies to ensure best practices are performed in regard to cyber security.

Clinical Informaticist 

Clinical informaticists ensure that the health data collected is utilized in ways that support existing standards and best practices in the company. The important work they do, managing health information and technology within the healthcare landscape, directly supports improved patient outcomes.

What drives someone in health IT to do what they do?

Although careers in the healthcare landscape are  ever changing, the one thing that never changes, is the passion that those in the healthcare industry have. Trey Ferguson, VP Clinical Development at PDX says that taking care of patients and their families is top priority for him.

“Providing the best technology in healthcare to allow our customers to compete and properly take care of their patients is why I come to work every morning.”

With healthcare constantly changing, Ferguson says that being able to witness the growth of the industry keeps things exciting.

“Healthcare is always evolving – there’s no monotony in pharmacy. In my 18 years in the industry, I’ve been able to see the growth pharmacy has made. It’s exciting to see what we can develop as a company and how it’s used to assist our customers in providing the best healthcare possible for their patients.”

When asked what advice he would give to someone wanting to start a career in the healthcare-technology industry, Ferguson says, “It’s not for the faint of heart. However, it is a very rewarding industry and I enjoy what I do every day.  It’s great seeing what we develop being used to help patients.”

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