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Why Your Support Staff Should Be an Extension of Your Team

When it comes to sourcing support for your pharmacy system, there are several factors to consider. In-house support typically requires a good-sized investment in capital and human resources. On the other hand, to achieve more flexibility in total spend and the diversity of system problems that can be handled knowledgably, it would be worth it to consider outsourcing your system support.

3 benefits of outsourcing support staff

Improved cost management

Expenses can be volatile when running an in-house IT support team, with costs of training, equipment, maintenance, and so on. However, by outsourcing support, you can expect a more reliable and controlled recurring expense.

Focus on what you do best

By outsourcing support, you can reallocate the time and resources that would have gone into an internal team, to developing and maintaining your company’s competitive advantage.

More available resources

Handing off system maintenance and support to a third party means that you’re ultimately freeing up precious company resources to focus on other projects such as research, product development, and customer experience.

Not only can support aid in any day to day issues that may arise, but they can also help when transitioning pharmacy systems. PDX Level 1 Support Service helped Albertsons Companies facilitate a sizable transition from disparate pharmacy systems to PDX’s Enterprise Pharmacy System.

“As you might imagine, changing pharmacy systems while maintaining customer service is like changing the engine on a 747 while in flight,” Marc Allgood, Director of Pharmacy Systems and Process Redesign for Albertsons Companies said.  “It takes a great deal of people, time, and resources to be able to accomplish such a task. It was a huge plus to have a team with extensive knowledge about the application assisting our stores with questions that ranged from procedural to technical.”

He added, “PDX’s Level 1 support team truly felt like an extension of our own pharmacy business and IT teams. Many thanks to our partner PDX for helping make this a reality.”

Read the Albertson’s L1 Case Study here.

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